Bringing Personalization To Adaptogens

Every single person is unique and has a different set of needs, goals, and habits. ZenBlend's mission is to provide support to all types of people by creating customized blends of adaptogens and super herbs that support each specific persons' lifestyle. Every adaptogen has a slightly different mechanism through which it aids the body and the mind. We at ZenBlend brought personalization to the world of adaptogens and superfoods to bridge the link your unique needs to the unique benefits of each adaptogen.


Find Your Blend in Just 3 Minutes

ZenBlend has brought two very different worlds together: technology and Ayurveda. We've worked with food scientists, Ayurvedic professionals, and software engineers, and many more talented people to create a quiz that will generate a custom blend of adaptogens just for you.


It's as easy as taking our 3-minute long quiz.


We ask you questions about your lifestyle, what your goals are, and about what's important to you. Then we feed that information through our algorithm that was developed by all of those professionals. The algorithm considers everything you told us about yourself and then it picks and creates a custom blend of adaptogens that fit your lifestyle and needs. 


A 3-minute quiz does all the research, decision-making, dosage considerations, side-effect risk assessment, and more for you. When you finish the quiz, our software shows you your results in an easily digestible format where you can evaluate the different effects your blend will have, the different ingredients, the dosages, and more.